Expert Representation for Removal & Deportation Proceedings in Newark, NJ

If you or a loved one are placed in removal (deportation) proceedings, you need help. Persons in removal proceedings are permitted to have attorneys represent them in Immigration Court to fight to retain their lawful immigrant status and avoid being deported or, for those without lawful status, seek to obtain lawful status and legally remain in the country.

The law offices of Tesoroni & LeRoy have over 35 years of experience, and we use that knowledge to help you remain in the United States. We regularly litigate deportation & inadmissibility charges in Immigration Court.

What Situations Make a Person Subject to Deportation?

Government officials can deem visa or green card applicants “inadmissible,” meaning they are not permitted to lawfully enter the county. You may also become subject to deportation for actions occurring after your admission. People may be inadmissible or subject to removal (deportation) if:

  • they have a background of criminal or terrorist activity or develop a record after entry
  • they attempt to enter or obtain entry with fraudulent documentation of commit some class of immigration related fraud prior to or after entry
  • they violate the terms of their visa admission or enter without inspection by Immigration
  • they violated immigration laws in the past
  • they have had a specific immigration application that was denied

A waiver of deportation; such as Cancellation of Removal or a 212c waiver, or a waiver of inadmissibility such as a 212h waiver, (criminal), or 212i waiver (fraud), asks the Immigration Judge to pardon (forgive) the legal basis of your inadmissibility or being subject to removal (deportation) after entry.

How Can a Deportation Waiver Help?

You may be admitted to the U.S. or permitted to remain in the United States. The Immigration Judge may grant a waiver upon a showing of extreme hardship to family member. Examples of extreme hardship may include:

  • A family member who has a serious medical condition
  • Your country of emigration is at war or in a state of political unrest causing potential danger to your family member
  • Your home country is economically underprivileged causing potential hardship to your family member

The Immigration Judge evaluates each hardship and ranks them based on severity. If your deportation would result in one of these hardships, our attorneys can help you successfully obtain a deportation waiver in Newark, NJ.

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